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Smpl Car Care Ultimate Detail Kit

Smpl Car Care Ultimate Detail Kit

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Introducing the Smpl Car Care Ultimate Detailing Kit! Your one-stop solution for achieving a spotless and showroom-ready finish on your vehicle. This comprehensive kit includes five essential items tailored to meet every detailing need:

  • Ultra-Absorbent Drying Towel: Designed to dry your car swiftly and safely without leaving any streaks or lint.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner: A versatile formula that effectively cleans all interior and exterior surfaces, removing dirt, grime, and residues with ease.
  • Wheel Cleaner: Specifically formulated to tackle tough brake dust and road grime on all types of wheel finishes, ensuring a brilliant shine.
  • Premium Body Soap: A high-foaming soap that gently lifts and washes away dirt, preserving your car's finish.
  • Ceramic Spray + Quick Detailer: A waterless wash that enhances your car’s gloss and protection in minutes, perfect for maintaining a pristine look between washes while simultaneously adding a protective water beading ceramic coating over your vehicles entire surface (including windows)

Whether you're a dedicated car enthusiast or simply looking to keep your vehicle in top condition for car meets and cruises, this kit delivers professional-grade results with minimal effort. Ideal for both quick touch-ups and thorough cleanings, elevate your car care routine with the Smpl Car Care Ultimate Detailing Kit!

(this is also my first drop like this and products need to be packaged and shipped out so it may take a few weeks for the packages arrive just as a heads up)

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